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Five Things You Should Do To Get A Job as a Bartender in Texas

Bartending Guide once you get your TABC by PublicDomainPicturesIf you’re thinking about getting a job as a bartender then there are a couple of things you should consider first. For example, you will need your Texas alcohol certification or TABC, you will have to memorize a few drinks, and depending on the bar, you might have to earn a certification from a bartending school as well. Here are five things you should do before looking for a job as a bartender in Texas. Get your TABC No matter where you plan on selling alcohol you should get your TABC or Texas seller server certification before going for the job. While it is not a requirement to get a TABC permit to serve alcohol, it is a definite plus and can help you get the job. Some employers might not even hire anyone who does not have the permit, so it is definitely a good idea to look into. On the plus side, the TABC course can be taken online in 2 hours for $14.95, and then once you pass the test, you can immediately print out your certification which is good for 2 years from the date of issue. Notably, you do have to be 18 in order to sell or serve alcohol, but you can get your TABC sooner. Learn Drinks If you are planning on applying to be a bartender at a specific bar then try visiting the establishment and checking to see which drinks they have available before you go in. If you can memorize them all, then you are definitely much more likely to get the job. If you plan on applying to a range of different establishments, simply memorize as many of the most popular drinks as you can before you go in. You will most likely be asked to prepare at least a few drinks before being hired, so go prepared. Learn to Cut and Style Did you know that if you learn to cut and style the garnishes that go on drinks you are much more likely to get a job as a bartender? Learning to cut fruit, salt and sugar rims, and use other garnishes appropriately will help your drinks to look better and will make customers happier as well. For this, you can choose to take a bartending course where they will definitely teach all of these items, however, a course really isn’t necessary if you already know what you are doing. Develop a Clean Workstation Habit One of the best things for any bartender to learn is to constantly wipe things down and clean. If you can keep your workstation neat and tidy, and wipe things off after every drink, you will definitely make everyone concerned very happy. All you have to do is learn the basics of your workstation, learn how to clean it up, and remember to keep it clean even when busy. This is extremely important in any establishment, but especially one that serves food as well, because not keeping it clean could be a healthy violation, as well as a turnoff for any customers who might happen to see a messy workstation. Be Good With People While this last can be a little difficult to learn, you have to be good with people in order to bartend. As mentioned in the TABC course, you also have to learn to judge people to see if they are underage or intoxicated, but you also have to smile, be friendly, and make each customer feel as though they are the center of your attention if you want to get tips. If you are charming, pleasant, and friendly when you go looking for a job, you are that much more likely to be hired.

What to Consider Before Taking a Job Serving or Bartending

Bartending Guide once you have our TABC By Kirti PoddarIf you’re considering getting your TABC certification to start serving alcohol, then you have to consider the pros and cons of the job. Whether as a bartender or as a server, there are a lot of perks, but also a couple of things you have to be careful of. For example, most people have friends who might expect preferential treatment when they come over, while you can’t offer that treatment, you do have to find a way to tactfully deal with it. What are some of the other things you might have to watch out for when taking a job serving alcohol?

You Have to Be Nice

You probably know that you have to be nice to customers, but sometimes they won’t always make it easy. Everyone is different and people don’t always get along, especially when drinking. Your job is to make the customer feel happy and welcome, which means being nice to them no matter what. Usually this requires a little bit of tolerance for stupidity and human error on your part.

Steady Pay Isn’t Guaranteed

Most bartenders make pretty good money with their TABC certification, but it isn’t guaranteed. You might have weeks where you don’t know what to do with all of your tips, but then again you might have months where you barely pay the rent. The unfortunate part of working for tips is that if no one has any money, you don’t make any money.

No Work Perks

Most bartenders and servers don’t actually get paid insurance or dental or even healthcare. This means you will have to pay for these things out of your own pocket, even if your last employer covered your insurance. This is definitely a downside to any sort of job as a server, but if you get good shifts, and you work in a busy area, you can definitely make up the difference.

You Have to Learn to Keep Your Distance

Whether you’re a server or a bartender, male or female, you’re going to have to learn to keep your distance. Many of the customers in a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol are on their own, and might be overly affectionate when drunk, especially if you’re being nice to them. Learning to gently dissuade this sort of affection is important for keeping your job as well as your sanity.

Long and Late Hours

The most successful bartenders work at night, although it is also possible to work in golf clubs, casinos, and pretty much anywhere else that serves alcohol during the day. You are most likely to get more tips if you are working in either a place with wealthy patrons, or working after standard work hours when more people are likely to be out and having fun. This usually means 6-10 or even 6-2, which is a long shift for standing on your feet.

Serving Alcohol is a Responsibility

If you’ve gotten your TABC certification then you know the responsibilities inherent with serving alcohol. You are legally required to not serve alcohol to minors or to those who are intoxicated, and if you do, it could be your fault. It is your responsibility to check IDs, and pay attention to people before serving them alcohol.

It’s Hard Work

Last but not least, bartending and serving are hard work. While it might sound easy to serve people drinks, you will have to stand on your feet for 5-10 hours depending on the shift, you might not make any money if no one is tipping, and there is a lot of work involved. For example, you will have to memorize any number of drinks, mix them properly each time, make every customer happy, and do it all with a smile. While no one ever said bartending was easy, most don’t consider that it is actual work either.

Think you have what it takes to be a bartender? If so, consider getting your TABC certification onlinewhere you can print it out as soon as you are done.

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