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AACEA Montana: Basic Montana Alcohol Laws You Should Know!

Are you curious about Montana’s alcohol laws? Perhaps you work in the hospitality industry or are planning to begin working for the hospitality industry in Montana State and could use this information to expand your knowledge for your job. Or maybe you’re visiting Montana (or are planning to visit) and would like to know Montana drinking laws ahead of time. Whatever the reason may be, we have provided some of the most basic Montana alcohol laws below for your reference!

How old do I need to be in Montana State to bartend?


How old do I need to be in Montana State to serve alcohol as waitstaff?


How old do I need to be in Montana State to conduct alcohol tastings?


How old do I need to be in Montana State to enter a bar?

Varies The answer to this question varies depending on the establishment. Some establishments only allow individuals who are 21 or older to enter. Some establishments allow individuals who are at least 18 to enter, and other establishments allow individuals who are under 18 to enter if they are with their adult (over 21) parent or guardian.

AACEA Montana: Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (RASS) Program - Helpful Info

If you are thinking about becoming a bartender, waitstaff, mixologist, or anything else that requires you to mix, serve, or sell alcohol, you are going to need to take a Department of Revenue approved Montana Alcohol Server Training course to receive a RASS Permit!

R.A.S.S. is an acronym for Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service, which is exactly what our Montana Alcohol Server CertificationCourse promotes. Because alcohol is an intoxicant, it is important to ensure that it is sold and served in a way that guarantees safety, but also (ideally) in a way that offers a pleasant experience for you and your customers.

AACEA Montana: Responsible Alcohol Sales And Service (RASS) Program - Helpful Info (Part 2)

If you’re planning to become a bartender, server, or anyone who handles alcohol transactions with customers OR if you will be managing people who handle alcohol transactions with customers in Montana State, you’re going to need to take a Montana Department of Revenue approved Alcohol Server Training course, which is also known as the Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service (RASS) course.

The Montana Department of Revenue requires that you receive training within 60 days of hire and once you complete an Alcohol Server Training course you will receive a Certificate of Course Completion (proof of training) which will be valid for three years. Once your certificate expires you will be required to retake the course in order to remain certified.

Eight Reasons to Get Your Alcohol Server Certification

Montana Alcohol Server CertificationAre you considering getting your Montana Alcohol Server Certification? Are you wondering if you need it? Check this list of eight reasons that you might need to get your certification. 1. You Want to Be a Bartender – If you want to bartend but don’t have a permit, then you should go get one now. If you check the online course it is only $19.99 and is good for 3 years. 2. You Want a Promotion – If you work as a server but want to serve alcohol as well, or even mix drinks, you should consider getting your Montana alcohol server certification. You won’t be able to get a promotion without one. 3. You Want a Job – Looking for job? If you’re looking in the food and beverage industry you might have better chances if you have your server certification on your resume. Taking the initiative and getting your permit before getting the job shows your future employer that you really are looking forward to the job and you know what it takes. Remember to print out a copy of your certification and include it in your resume for them to see. 4. You’re Managing – If you own or manage any company that sells, or serves alcohol, than you need a Montana alcohol server certification. Did you know that you are legally required to have a certification if you are overseeing employees who need one? 5. It’s Been Three Years or More Since Your Last Certification – The Montana Alcohol Server Certification is only good for three years, so if you’re getting close to the expiration date, you have to take the test again. Fortunately, not everything changes so you will likely get better scores than the first time you took the test. 6. It’s Been Two Months Since You Were Hired – If you were hired by a business that sells alcohol, then you have to take the test. You have a two month deadline from the date of hire to get your certification. 7. You’ve Moved From Another State – If you’ve moved and have a certification from another state, you still need your Montana server certification. Unfortunately laws are different in each state so you have to update your permit each time you move. 8. If You Sell Alcohol, It’s the Law – You can’t really put the reasons more succinctly than that, so if you want to sell or serve, you should definitely get your Montana certification ASAP.

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