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Course Outline


Topic: Introduction

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Methodology
  2. Copyright
  3. Tutorial
  4. Enrollment Agreement
  5. Introduction to The Responsible Vendor Program
  6. Seminar Objectives


Topic: Alcohol and the Hospitality Industry, the problems arising from alcohol consumption and the effects of such.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Why do you work in the hospitality industry?
  2. What do you expect from working in the hospitality industry?
  3. By controlling the problems with alcohol, you will make more money
  4. Why do people drink?
  5. What problems do you see happening from alcohol consumption?
  6. Statistics of the problems and the impact they have on society
  7. The Implied Consent Law
  8. DWI
  9. The costs incurred from DWI
  10. How you as a server can directly impact DWI


Basic Liquor lawsPermit

  1. Types to sell and serve alcohol
  2. Conduct Prohibited on the Premises
  3. The legal age to work in a bar
  4. The legal age to purchase and or consume alcoholic beverages
  5. What happens if you get cited for an infraction.


Louisiana Laws on Tobacco Products

  1. Permits needed to sell Tobacco products
  2. Signage Requirement
  3. Penalty – Failure to Comply with Signage Requirements
  4. Prohibited Acts with Respect to Tobacco Sales


What is Tobacco and Louisiana Lottery Corporation Law.

  1. Pathways of Tobacco
  2. Effects of Tobacco on Your Body

Louisiana Lottery Corporation Law

  1. Rules of the laws concerning the Lottery


Topic: What is alcohol and its physical impact on the body?

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. What is alcohol?
  2. Myths about alcohol
  3. How much alcohol is in one drink?
  4. How alcohol works in the body once consumed
  5. How do you become sober?
  6. What does BAC mean?
  7. How drugs and alcohol can affect a person and the results of such
  8. Seldom Abused Drugs
  9. Commonly abused prescription drugs
  10. Alcohol Poisoning


Topic: Observe Listen Evaluate and React / Guide the Guest.

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. How to recognize those who are becoming intoxicated
  2. Signs of intoxication
  3. How to deal with an intoxicated Person
  4. How to deny service to an intoxicated person


Topic: Checking ID

Information to be covered in this module:

  1. Importance of not serving Minors
  2. What are acceptable forms of identification?
  3. What is not acceptable for ID?
  4. The most common form of fake ID
  5. Passports
  6. Military ID
  7. The Ten Point Checking System
  8. Things to look for on a suspect ID
  9. Denying service to a minor


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