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Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis Parish is a Wet Parish

Cities: Jennings
Towns: Elton | Lake Arthur | Welsh
Village: Fenton
Unincorporated communities: Barnsdall | Bellevue | Buller | China | Coverdale | Edna | Foremans Hall | Gravel Point | Hathaway | Lacassine | Niblett | Panchoville | Pine Island | Raymond | Roanoke | Silverwood | Thornwell | Topsy | Verret | Woodlawn

Hours for Sales and Consumption - Ward 6 Sales Regulations – Location Regulations - Unlawful for Minors to Work in Places of Sale:

Hours for Sales / Consumption:
The sale of all alcoholic beverages and the consumption of alcoholic beverages on any licensee's premises are prohibited within the parish, outside the corporate limits of incorporated villages, towns and cities from the hours of 2:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m.

Noise, Litter, & Zoning

WARD 6 - Sales Regulations:
No beverages of high alcoholic content shall be sold in any form, whether by volume, by package only, or for consumption on the premises, within the portion of Ward 6, Jefferson Davis Parish, outside the corporate limits of the Town of Welsh.

Location Regulations:
No beer or liquor license shall be granted for any premises outside of the limits of any incorporated city, town or village within the parish if said premises is situated within 500 feet of a building or facility occupied exclusively as a church, synagogue, public library, public playground, public park or public school, except a school for business education conducted as a business college or school, regardless of whether or not the protected area is situated within or outside the limits of any incorporated city, town or village within the parish.

Unlawful for Minors to Work in Places of Sale:
It shall be unlawful for any minor to work in any place where intoxicating beverages are sold and dispensed, except in places where only vinous and malt liquors are sold.



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