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Washington MAST Permit Training: How to Pass a WSLCB Compliance Check (For Alcohol Servers & Sellers)

If you own an establishment in Washington State that sells or serves alcohol, or if you serve alcohol or manage employees who serve alcohol, you may be curious to know how to pass a WSLCB compliance check. We have provided some helpful tips for you below!

If you are interested in receiving a comprehensive training on Washington State Alcohol Selling and Serving laws, or if you are in the hospitality industry and need to receive a MAST Permit so you can legally serve alcohol, we recommend checking out a WSLCB approved online Washington MAST Permit Course! Otherwise, keep reading to learn about compliance checks!

What is the purpose of a WSLCB compliance check?

A compliance check is a way for the Washington State Liquor Cannabis Board (WSLCB) to confirm that liquor licensed establishments are complying with Washington State alcohol serving and selling laws. A compliance check helps the WSLCB to enforce one of its primary missions which is to ensure that alcohol is never sold or served to minors.

How does a compliance check work?

The WSLCB hires a minor who is between 17-20 years of age and instructs them to attempt to purchase alcohol at an establishment. The minor will always use their own ID in a compliance check, and an enforcement officer will always accompany the minor in some form. Sometimes the enforcement officer will wait outside the establishment. Other times they will walk in with the minor, or they will already be in the establishment when the minor arrives.

How do you pass a compliance check?

A compliance check is passed anytime a minor’s ID is checked correctly and they are refused alcohol service due to their age.

The best way to pass a compliance check is to thoroughly check every ID (especially the ID holder’s birth date) and confirm they are 21 years of age or older before giving them any alcohol.

Approximately 16% of all compliance checks in Washington State fail. Half of the time this is because the minor’s ID is never asked for, and the other half of the time the minor’s birthday isn’t checked correctly.

If you are hoping to learn more regarding Washington State’s alcohol selling and server laws or if you need to receive a MAST Permit in order to work, we welcome you to check out our Online WSLCB Approved MAST Permit Course whenever and wherever is most convenient for you!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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