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Utah Alcohol Laws: Utah Club Liquor License Rules, Restrictions, and Requirements

If you’re hoping to open up a club in Utah State, or if you currently work at a club in Utah State, it will be extremely beneficial for you to have a better understanding of Utah’s Club Liquor License rules, restrictions, and requirements. We have listed these below for your reference!

Additionally, we recommend completing a Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) approved Utah Alcohol Server Training Course to receive a more comprehensive training regarding Utah’s Alcohol Selling and Serving laws!

The Utah State Club Liquor License caters to a few different styles of clubs, namely: country clubs, fraternal clubs, dining clubs, and social clubs. In this post we are going to specifically cover social clubs.

What is a social club?

It’s what likely comes to mind when you think of a “club”. A social club is typically considered a drinking club that receives less than 50% of its business from food sales.

Is there a restriction on how many clubs there can be in Utah State?

Yes. The legal ratio in Utah State is one club per every 7,850 people in the state. There are currently just over three million people in Utah State, which means there can only be approximately 382 licensed club in the state of Utah at any one time!

What does the club license allow for?

The Utah State Club Liquor License allows for the storage, sale, service, and consumption of alcohol within the licensed establishment.

Can social clubs have a membership program?

No, only equity and fraternity clubs can establish memberships, but social clubs are authorized to restrict access to the club by allowing only individuals who are on a special list and/or who have paid a fee to enter.

What types of alcohol can be served at a social club?

Social clubs may serve liquor, wine, heavy beer, and beer.

What hours can a club legally sell or serve alcohol?

Between the hours of 10 AM-1 AM. However, alcohol can be consumed until 2 AM.

Are there restrictions on how much alcohol can be in one drink or served to one customer?

Yes! There are different restrictions depending on the type of alcohol and the number of customers in a group:

For cocktails:

  • The primary liquor cannot exceed 1.5 ounces
  • The combined secondary and primary liquor cannot exceed 2.5 ounces

For wine:

  • For groups of four or more customers, wine can be sold/served in a bottle or container not exceeding 1.5 liters
  • For groups of less than four customers, wine can be sold/served in a bottle or container not exceeding 750 ml
  • For individuals, wine can be sold by the glass in quantities of 5 ounces or less

For beer:

  • For groups of two or more customers, beer can be sold by the pitcher or in another container so long as it does not exceed 2 liters
  • For individuals, beer can be sold/served in a container not exceeding one liter

In general:

  • A maximum of two alcoholic beverages can be in front of a customer at once

What are the rules and restrictions regarding employees who work at a social club?

  • Employees must be at least 21 years old
  • Alcohol servers must wear a unique identification badge showing their first name, initials, and/or a number assigned by the employer
  • Employees cannot consume or be under the influence of alcohol while on duty

These are the general rules, restrictions, and requirements that go along with the Utah State Club Liquor License. If you’re hoping to learn more about Utah’s Alcohol Selling and Serving laws, we welcome you to check out our Utah Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) approved Online Utah Alcohol Server Training Course whenever and wherever is most convenient for you! At the end of the course you will also receive a Utah Alcohol Server Training Certificate which will allow you to sell or serve alcohol anywhere in Utah State.

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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