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Title 4 Arizona: Arizona Alcohol Serving Laws – What are Acceptable Forms of ID for Serving and Selling Alcohol?

If you serve or sell alcohol in Arizona as a bartender or waitstaff, or if you manage employees who serve or sell alcohol, it is 100% guaranteed that you will be checking a lot of IDs while on duty! Given this inherent truth, it is important for you to know what styles of identification are considered acceptable for the purpose of alcohol sales and service in the State of Arizona.

Additionally, we recommend completing an Arizona DLLC Approved Title-4 Arizona Liquor Certification in order to receive valuable knowledge regarding Arizona’s alcohol selling and serving laws. Note: It is an AZDLLC requirement that all alcohol servers and sellers complete this training and receive an Arizona Title-4 Certificate in order to legally sell or serve alcohol in Arizona State!

Here are the six forms of identification that are considered acceptable in Arizona State for the sales and service of alcohol:

  1. A state driver’s license issued for/by any U.S. State or from Canada (so long as it has a photograph of the license holder)
  2. An identification card that is issued for/by any US State or Canada
  3. An armed forces ID Card
  4. A valid passport or passport card
  5. A valid border crossing card from Mexico or Canada
  6. A valid Mexican voter’s ID so long as it is within 75 miles of the border

What are considered unacceptable forms of identification for the purpose of alcohol sales and service in Arizona?

  1. A university ID
  2. Any ID that is expired
  3. Any ID that has obvious signs of forgery or alteration

Additionally, it is important to note that there are some establishments in Arizona that only accept Arizona Driver’s Licenses and Arizona ID Cards for the purpose of alcohol sales and service. As an employee it’s important for you to check the house policies of the establishment you work at in order to determine what your establishment considers as acceptable forms of Identification.

We hope this information has been helpful, whether it served as a refresher or provided you with information that was new to you. If you are an employee who serves alcohol in Arizona State and are ready to complete a Title-4 Certification Course and receive a Title-4 Certificate, we welcome you to check out our Arizona DLLC Approved Online Title-4 Alcohol Server Training Course.

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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