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Texas TABC Certificate: Required Signage to Post at Your On-Premises Establishment – Texas Alcohol Laws

In Texas State it is a TABC requirement that all establishments which are licensed to serve alcoholic beverages for customers to consume on-site post two select educational signs for their customers to see.

We have listed the signs that are required for On-Premise Licensed Establishments to post below, however, if you are hoping to receive an in-depth training on TABC Texas Alcohol Serving and Selling Laws, or if you need to receive a TABC Certificate in order to work as an alcohol server, we recommend signing up for a TABC Approved Alcohol Server Training Certificate Course.

Below are the signs that are required to be posted at On-Premise Licensed establishments:

The Weapons Warning Sign

The primary purpose of the Weapons Warning Sign is to communicate to customers that it is unlawful for them to carry a weapon while at your establishment.

There are two variations of the Weapons Warning Sign:

  • The 51% Weapons Warning Sign must be posted if:
    • your establishment does not have a Food & Beverage Certificate
    • your total sales from alcoholic beverages exceeds 50% of your total revenue
  • The Notice Weapons Warning Sign must be posted if:
  • your establishment has a Food & Beverage Certificate,
  • and/or your total sales from alcoholic beverages is 50% or less than your total revenue

The Weapons Warning Signs Must:

  • be prominently displayed at each public entrance of the establishment
  • be at least 6 inches high by 14 inches wide
  • use contrasting colors so it is more visually eye-catching

How to obtain a Weapons Warning Sign:

You can obtain Weapons Warning Signs for your establishment from your local district office. They are available in English and Spanish, and they are free of charge to retailers!

Note: You may be required to post signs that are in a language other than English if a substantial amount of your customers speak another native language.

The Health Risk Warning Sign

The primary purpose of the Health Risk Warning Sign is to help educate women on the potential dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant and to help prevent alcohol-related birth defects.

The Health Risk Warning Sign Must:

  • be posted at all public restroom entrances within the establishment
  • be posted at a height that can be easily read and seen by customers who are exiting the restroom
  • be at least 8 ½ inches wide by 11 inches high
  • have English and Spanish translations
  • use text that is bold/black and placed over a white background
  • use an Arial or Helvetica font
  • be at least 28 points in size

Health Risk Warning Sign Language:

The following information must be presented on the sign:

  • Drinking any type of alcohol while pregnant can hurt your baby's brain, heart, kidneys, and other organs and can cause birth defects.
  • The safest choice is not to drink at all when you are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant.
  • If you might be pregnant, think before you drink.

These are the signs that are required for On-Premises Licensed Establishments to post in Texas State. If you are a license holder, server, or bartender in Texas State and are hoping to learn even more valuable information in regard to Texas State’s Alcohol Laws and Alcohol Server/Seller Responsibilities (and would like to receive a TABC Certificate in the process), we welcome you to check out our TABC approved Online TABC Certification Course whenever and wherever is most convenient for you!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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