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A Complete Guide to Getting Your Alcohol Permit in Texas

If you want any sort of job that requires you to serve alcohol in the state of Texas then you will want to get an TABC Seller Server Certification. While a TABC certificate is not mandatory it may be requested by an employer as a condition of being hired.

Who Might Need a Texas Alcohol Permit?

There are a couple of people who might need an alcohol permit in Texas including bartenders, servers including waiters and waitresses, and clerks.

What is a TABC Certification?

A Texas alcohol permit or TABC certification is the permit put forth by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to promote responsible serving. This certifies that you have been trained in identifying minors who are drinking or attempting to purchase drinks illegally, in serving in a way that does not facilitate inebriation, and not serving to those who are already drunk or disorderly in any way. Essentially the certification ensures that you are fully aware of Texas law pertaining serving alcoholic beverages so that if you break that law, you know which responsibilities you assume. It also teaches you about responsibility such as not serving to someone with an alcohol dependence, not serving too much at any one time, and learning when to say no to a drunk patron.

How to Get a Texas Alcohol Permit

Once you’ve decided if you need a Texas alcohol permit, you can very easily take the test and get your certification. It is possible to get your TABC certification online so if you have a few hours of free time, a good internet connection, and $14.95, you can take and earn your certificate at any time. The Texas alcohol permit course from AACEA takes just two hours to complete and then you can print your certificate and begin legally serving alcohol. If you want to brush up on your terminology before taking the test, you can check our definitive glossary here. Want to know more? Comment below and we’ll try to answer all of your questions about the TABC Texas alcohol permit in the next blog post.

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