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A Quick Guide to TABC Rules and Guidelines

Whether you have your TABC license and just want to check up on the rules, or are planning on taking the test and want to ensure you know the basics, the following guidelines can help you out. For the most part, TABC rules are not extremely strict so long as you know the basics, don’t serve to minors, and serve responsibly.

Offering Discounted Beverages It is permitted to offer discounted beverages to customers within reason. Offering multiple deals, bringing more than one drink per person to the table, or offering large discounts is not allowed. For example, two beers at a normal $2 could be sold for $3 within the limits of the TABC. However, two plus two free or six for the price of four is not allowed as this encourages over consumption. Happy Hours are allowed but must end by 11 P.M. It is also important to note that it is against the TABC rules to offer discounted beverages if the alcohol supplier is offering a purchase incentive on top of the discount. Purchase incentives can include money back, free glasses, or etc.

TABC Permit Any location selling alcoholic beverages must display their TABC permit at all times. The permit should be clearly visible to anyone in the business. You also have to be willing to submit to inspections at all open hours in order to keep your TABC permit.

Serving You may not at any time offer or sell a beverage to a thoroughly intoxicated person. This is part of responsible serving and it is up to you and your servers to determine who is intoxicated and who is not. You must also not serve more than one alcoholic beverage per person at once. Finally, you may not serve alcoholic beverages of any kind to anyone under the age of 21 unless they are in the presence of parent or legal guardian. You must determine the age of the persons being served via their state or government issue identification such as ID card or Driver’s License with a photo.

Refusing To Serve Customers It is the law that you refuse to serve customers who are underage, intoxicated, or engaged in an argument. Anyone who has been drinking and begins a fight should be asked to leave the premises, although you also have the right to call the police.

For a more thorough look at TABC laws, consider studying for your TABC certification online and then posting it in your business. By law you need a TABC certification in order to serve wine or beer in your business, so if you do not have one, you should look into taking the test as soon as possible.

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