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OLCC Permit ASE Training: Series - Most Common Oregon Liquor Licenses: Learn About the Off-Premises Sales (O) License

If you currently own or are planning to open up a supermarket, grocery store, or convenience store in Oregon State and intend to sell alcohol at your establishment, you are going to need to apply for and receive an OLCC Liquor License. Specifically, you will need the Off-Premises Sales (O) OLCC Liquor License.

We recommend that anyone who plans to open (or work at) an establishment that sells alcohol to customers in Oregon State complete an OLCC Approved OLCC Permit Alcohol Server Education Course in order to receive comprehensive education regarding Oregon Alcohol Laws and to receive an Oregon Alcohol Seller Server Permit in the process!

Now for some Q&A’s regarding the Off-Premises Sales (O) Oregon Liquor License:

Q: What alcoholic beverages does the Off-Premises Sales (O) Oregon Liquor License allow you to sell at your establishment?

A: Establishments with an Off-Premises Sales Oregon Liquor License are permitted to sell beer, wine, and cider in factory-sealed containers.

Q: Can establishments with an (O) OLCC Liquor License offer samples of beer and wine to their customers?

A: Yes! But they are required to first request and receive approval from the OLCC, and the employee conducting the alcohol tasting must have an OLCC Permit.

Q: How old must an employee at an (O) OLCC Liquor Licensed establishment be in order to sell alcohol?

A: All employees who serve alcohol must be at least 18 years of age and are required to read and sign the OLCC brochure entitled “What every store clerk needs to know about selling alcohol”.

Q: Are (O) liquor licensed establishments permitted to deliver alcohol to Oregon residents?

Yes, but only the delivery of beer, wine, and cider are permitted, and there are strict conditions that need to be met by the OLCC in order for approval to granted. We recommend contacting the OLCC for further information!

We hope these Q&A’s have been helpful and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors! Once you receive your (O) Liquor License from the OLCC and begin hiring employees, we welcome you (and your staff) to check out our Online OLCC Permit ASE Class in order to receive comprehensive education regarding Oregon’s Alcohol Selling & Serving Laws and to reduce the risk of having alcohol-related liabilities occur at your establishment!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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