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Basic Bartending Tricks: How to Flip a Bottle

Bartending Guide after you Montana Alcohol Server TrainingIf you’ve just completed your mandatory alcohol server training then you’re probably ready to start work as a bartender. If so, you might want to learn a few basic bartending tricks to make serving more fun, and to increase your tips. Probably the very first trick you should learn is flipping a bottle which you can use when making cocktails, serving beer, and more. It is very important to learn balance, and to never try this when drinking as you could actually hurt yourself, and anyone in the area if the bottle is made of glass. Are you ready to learn your first bartending trick? Let’s get started.

How to Flip

The first part of flipping a bottle is to learn the basic technique. The following is a step by step guide to walk you through the mechanics. You should never do this with a glass bottle the first time.

  1. Hold a cup in your opposite hand and grip the bottle by the neck and get a feel for the weight. Every bottle is different so you will have to switch up each time you flip.
  2. Gently flip your wrist up to swing the bottle upward. You don’t want to flip too hard as the bottle could go too high.
  3. Let go of the bottle when it swings on its own and then catch it once it has done a full revolution with the neck pointing down. You should move your hand with the cup to catch the neck in order to catch the liquid before it spills.

To practice, try getting a variety of different sizes of plastic bottles and then filling them up with water. Halfway or three quarters of the way full is probably ideal as you will most likely never have to flip a full bottle. You should practice the trick until you have it mastered and can successfully do the trick ten or more times in a row without dropping the bottle. Once you’ve done that, you can try with a glass bottle, although you should try in an area where it is easy to clean up any mess as if you drop the bottle, it will break. A couple of other tips include that you should practice with the lid on before you get started. You can learn to ‘catch’ the bottle neck before having to catch a spill. You should also practice with different cups including wine glasses, cocktail shakers, and any other sort of glass that might be at the bar.

Perfecting Your Art

There are a lot of variations to the basic bottle flip many of which are required for flair bartending. The most common single hand bottle flip is simply to pour the alcohol directly into a glass. However, you can also flip the bottle and catch it with your opposite hand, flip the bottle and allow it to spin twice before catching it, and if working with plastic bottles or very cheap alcohol, practice flipping higher for a more dramatic affect.

Remember to fully master this technique at home, and with the same bottles you will be using at the bar before trying it at work. If you haven’t yet gotten a job as a bartender, you can learn these tricks after earning your Montana alcohol server training, and then look for a job.

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