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Montana Alcohol Server Training: Q&A for Montana Liquor License Holders – Where can I Legally Purchase Liquor to Sell at my Establishment? (Part 2)

This is part two of a two-part blog series covering where establishments in Montana State can legally purchase alcohol from to sell at their establishment. If you work at, own, or are hoping to open up an establishment in Montana State that sells or serves alcohol, it will be imperative for you to know where you can legally purchase alcohol to sell or serve at your establishment!

We’ve listed some common Q&A’s below for you regarding this topic, however, if you’re hoping to receive more comprehensive education regarding Montana State’s alcohol laws, we recommend that you complete a MT Department of Revenue approved Montana Online Responsible Alcohol Seller Server Training Course which will provide you with an abundance of valuable Montana State alcohol selling and serving laws and requirements.

Okay, now let’s get back to those Q&A’s!

Q: If I want to test out a product at my establishment before purchasing it, can I ask an alcohol wholesaler or distributor to provide me with samples to offer my customers?

A: Yes! A wholesaler or distributor can provide you with up to 3 liters of wine, 3 gallons of beer, and/or 3 liters of distilled spirits if you have not previously purchased that specific product within the last year. You are then permitted to offer samples to your employees and customers in order to get their opinion and feedback before you commit to purchasing a large quantity to offer for sale at your establishment!

Q: If I purchase beer from a wholesaler or distributor and then decide to cut down my draught beer selection, causing me to have an excess of beer, can I return the beer and ask for a credit or refund?

A: No, your establishment’s decision to cut down on your beer selection does not permit you to receive a refund/credit from the distributor or wholesaler for excess beer you have on hand.

Q: What if I order too much beer from a wholesaler/distributor for an event? Can I return the beer and ask for a credit or refund?

A: No, this would not be legal and is considered a consignment sale in Montana State.

Q: What if I decide to convert my business to a “nonuse” status, or if I’m experiencing less sales due to the season?

A: Still a no. This would also be considered an example of a consignment sale and is illegal in Montana.

Q: If I were to change the alcoholic beverage offerings on my menu, could I then return any leftover beverages from the previous menu that are no longer being offered?

A: No, changing your alcoholic beverage offerings does not allow for sufficient reason for you to return a product and receive a refund/credit from the wholesaler or distributor.

In essence, you cannot legally return alcoholic products to a wholesaler or distributor in the event that your establishment makes an executive decision to change what products you carry or how much you offer at any given time.

We hope this second Q&A post has been helpful! If you would like to learn more about Montana Alcohol Seller and Server Laws in a convenient and entertaining way, we welcome you to check out our Online Montana Department of Revenue approved Montana Alcohol Server Education Certificate Course. At the end of the course you will also receive a Montana Alcohol Server Certificate which will allow you to legally serve alcohol in Montana State.

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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