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Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training: Preventing Drug Related Activities from Occurring at your Establishment

Liquor License holders in Louisiana State are responsible for managing the activities within their establishments and are required to maintain a safe and lawful environment for its patrons. This includes ensuring there are no drug-related transactions or activities happening on the premises at any time. We’ve provided some tips and tricks for effectively managing a drug-free environment at your establishment below!

Additionally, if you’re hoping to become more knowledgeable about Louisiana Alcohol Laws in general or need to complete a Louisiana ATC approved Responsible Vendor training course to receive a Louisiana Bar Card, we recommend checking out a Louisiana Alcohol Server Training Course.

Now, back to the topic at hand!

What are some techniques for preventing illegal drug activity at your establishment?

  • Ensure your establishment is actively monitored whenever you are open for business
  • Train your employees to be observant
  • Periodically inspect the restrooms or any other private/secluded area within your establishment
  • Ensure you have adequate lighting both inside and outside of your establishment so you can easily observe your customers
  • Train your employees to report any and all suspicious activities to management

What suspicious activities should your establishment be on the lookout for?

Here are some observations that could indicate drug-related activities and that should be reported to management by employees:

  • A pattern of customers exclusively meeting or congregating at secluded spaces within your establishment, such as isolated booths, a back room, or a restroom
  • A pattern of customers being approached by other customers with money and/or suspicious items such as envelopes or drug paraphernalia
  • Finding evidence of drugs or drug-related items such as vials, cellophane packets, cut straws, needles, etc.
  • Noticing strange/sneaky behavior from certain customers (e.g. looking around suspiciously, trying to stay off your radar, etc.)
  • Last but not least, listen to your gut! If something seems suspicious, report it!

We hope you never have to deal with drug-related activities occurring at your establishment and recommend using the above techniques for prevention. Observation skills and training your employees on how to be observant are some of your best assets for prevention!

If you would like to expand your knowledge on Louisiana Liquor Laws and Alcohol Serving and Selling Laws in a simple and entertaining way, recommend that you check out a Louisiana ATC approved Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training whenever and wherever is most convenient for you! At the end of the course you will receive a Louisiana Responsible Vendor Card which you can present to your employer (it is a requirement in Louisiana State to complete this training if you serve alcohol as a job duty) and will be valid for two years!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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