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Louisiana Bar Card Training: Checking a Digital Identification – For Louisiana Alcohol Sellers & Servers

Louisiana State now allows customers to use digital IDs to purchase alcoholic beverages in place of physical ID cards. This means that bartenders, waitstaff, and store clerks who sell or serve alcohol and who have a Louisiana Bar Card need to be properly trained on how to check a digital ID before a customer presents one!

If you’re hoping to receive an in-depth training on Louisiana Alcohol Serving and Selling laws and/or need to receive your Louisiana Bar Card, we recommend checking out an ATC approved Louisiana Liquor License Course.

Here is what you need to know about checking digital IDs:

1) There is an app called “LA Wallet” which allows Louisiana ID holders to pay for a digital license which they can then access through the app. It is important to note that LA Wallet is the only acceptable form of digital identification in Louisiana State for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products.
2) Establishments are not required by the ATC to accept digital IDs. The decision to accept digital identification for the sale and service of alcohol is completely optional and at the discretion of every establishment.
3) A digital ID that is in any way illegible is not valid for the sale of alcohol and tobacco.
4) If your establishment is required by the ATC to use ID scanners and your scanner is unable to read a digital ID then that digital ID will be considered invalid for the sale or service of alcohol.
5) When checking a digital ID it is imperative to remember that the same guidelines apply as when checking a physical ID. The most important thing to confirm on the ID is that the customer is of legal age to purchase and/or consume alcohol.

Here are some helpful tips & tricks for using LA Wallet to check a digital ID:

1) To protect yourself from any liability we recommend that you do not take a customer’s phone from them or attempt to use any of the interactive features on the app, but that you instead encourage your customer to pull up their digital ID on LA Wallet and show it to you.
2) You will be able to determine the validity of your customer’s digital license by seeing a green bar that reads “valid” or a red bar that reads “invalid” displayed at the top of their digital ID. So long as the ID has not been suspended, revoked, or determined to be invalid for any reason, the green “valid” bar will be visible.
3) The orientation of your customer’s digital ID will determine if your customer is of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol. A vertical orientation indicates the customer is under 21 years of age and cannot purchase alcohol. A horizontal orientation indicates the ID holder is 21 years of age or older and is of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol.
4) There is a “refresh” button on LA Wallet that acts as an interactive safeguard to validate that the ID showing is the most updated version. As an employee who checks customer IDs for the sale and service of alcohol, we recommend to always ask customers who present a digital ID to “refresh” their ID when presenting it to you to ensure it is valid and updated.
5) There is a “view” button on LA Wallet that can be pressed in order to clearly display the ID holder’s driver’s license number, date of birth, endorsements, and restrictions. You can ask your customers to press this button if you need to see any of this information more clearly.
6) LA Wallet provides further proof of validation with a “security seal” which the customer can reveal to you if they press and hold their finger on the touch screen over their digital license.

We hope this post has been beneficial to you and that you now feel confident in your ability to check a digital license! If you would like to expand your knowledge regarding Louisiana Alcohol Selling and Serving Laws we recommend checking out a Louisiana ATC approved Louisiana Bar Card Online Course. At the end of the course you will receive a Louisiana Responsible Vendor Card which you can present to your employer and will be valid for two years!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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