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California RBS: How to Pass a CA ABC Minor Decoy Operation – For Alcohol Sellers and Servers

The California State Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)’s primary mission is to regulate alcohol in order to reduce (and hopefully one day eliminate) alcohol related tragedies and the possession and consumption of alcohol by minors.

Even though the CA ABC’s mission is clear and just, alcohol related tragedies and incidences of minor alcohol consumption/possession still occur, which is why the CA ABC is in existence. One way the CA ABC enforces their mission is to employ Minor Decoy Operations.

Before we go any further, we’d like note that the easiest way to ensure the welfare of your establishment is to complete and/or require all staff to complete a CA RBS Training to learn about California State Alcohol Selling & Serving laws and to receive practical techniques for following and enforcing these laws within your establishment.

What is a Minor Decoy Operation?

A Minor Decoy Operation is a controlled operation in which a person under 21 attempts to purchase an alcoholic beverage from an establishment in order to ensure that the establishment is adhering to California Alcohol Laws.

The Minor Decoy Operation is facilitated by a peace officer who typically waits outside of the establishment during the operation and who is responsible for issuing any necessary citations should the establishment fail their test.

Don’t worry, we’re going to make sure you never fail a Minor Decoy Operation!

Minor Decoy Operations follow strict and fair rules, which are completely available to the public. This is good news for you, because you’ll know exactly what to expect when it is your establishment’s time to be hit with a Minor Decoy Operation!

Here’s how the Minor Decoy Operation works:

  1. A “customer” who is under 20 years of age and looks their age will come into your establishment and will attempt to order or purchase an alcoholic beverage.
  2. Upon being asked for their ID, the “customer” will promptly do one of two things:
    1. They will hand you their actual ID
    2. They will tell you they forgot their ID or will make up some other excuse as to why they don’t have their ID on them
  3. Upon being directly asked for their age, the “customer” will respond truthfully
  4. So long as the “customer” isn’t served or sold alcohol, your establishment will have passed the Minor Decoy Operation!
  5. If, for whatever reason, this “customer” is sold or served an alcoholic beverage despite being underage and/or not having an ID on them, they will communicate this to the Peace Officer who will then come into your establishment and issue a citation.

Now to answer the question: “How can I ensure your establishment passes a Minor Decoy Operation?”

All you need to do is ensure that you and/or your employees have a firm understanding of California Alcohol Laws and are properly trained to check IDs. The simplest way for you to ensure your establishment and staff are adequately prepared for a Minor Decoy Operation is to complete a California RBS Alcohol Server Training Course and to receive a CA RBS Certificate every two years to stay certified.

It is our mission to help you and everyone at your establishment pass every Minor Decoy Operation that comes your way. We hope this information has proven useful and we wish you only the best!


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