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In a recent report, we discovered that more and more bars are using QR codes (aka Quick Response codes) to make sure their patrons get home safely. An article on reports:

...Local bars will be using QR codes to advertise taxi companies to help get [clients] home safely. Young adults will simply use their smart phone to scan the codes on table tents, posters and business cards to easily view a list of taxi companies.
This initiative, adopted by establishments with alcohol service, provides a way for drinkers to get home safely, and still enjoy a drink or two.

In a similar measure, Seattle continues to improve it's Seattle Nightlife program aimed at curbing drunk driving by providing safe transportation alternatives. Info on overnight parking is posted on parking meters city wide - offering Pre-Paid parking for the next day, should drivers choose to leave their car parked instead of driving drunk.

The program also focuses on making Taxi zones more visible and dependable in parts of the city with concentrated nightlife destinations, and strives to make bus service more dependable and accessible for drinkers after a night out on the town. The Seattle Nightlife initiative is aimed at maintaining public safety, while providing businesses with greater flexibility to adapt to the market demands of residents and visitors.

What can you do as an alcohol server?

Keep an eye on your patrons and know when enough is enough. Part of responsible alcohol sales & service is being able to read your customers. Not only that, but it's helpful to keep a list of numbers for local taxi services on hand. Most reasonable patrons will thank you for keeping their best interests in mind.

Part of becoming a certified bartender is providing responsible alcohol service aimed at reducing drunk driving. America's Alcohol Certification Education Association is committed to teaching future bartenders the basic tenets of responsible alcohol service and sales. For a list of our online alcohol certification classes, please visit

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