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Arizona Title-4 Training: So You Want to Open a Bar in Arizona? Find Out Which Liquor License You Should Apply for!

If you’re hoping to open up a bar in Arizona State, you are going to need to get yourself an Arizona Liquor License before you can legally sell or serve alcohol at your bar! There are several types of liquor licenses available in Arizona State, but in this post we are going to specifically cover Arizona’s Bar (Series 6) Liquor License which is the license you will most likely need to get for your bar.

Additionally, we recommend checking out an Arizona DLLC Approved Title-4 Training Program in order to receive a more comprehensive understanding of Arizona’s alcohol selling and serving laws.

The Bar (Series 6) Arizona Liquor License:

Opening up a bar in Arizona State requires you to have a Series 6 Liquor License. It is important to note that there is a quota on how many Series 6 licenses can be issued/active in Arizona State at any given time. Additionally, a Series 6 Liquor License can only be obtained through Arizona’s Liquor License Lottery or through the open market, which means it can take a little extra effort to get yourself a Series 6 License, but this license is well worth the effort!

Series 6 Liquor Licenses are completely transferable from person to person and location to location within the same county, which is great if you ever find yourself needing to sell your Arizona Liquor License or would like to move your establishment to another location!

Another great perk of the Arizona Series 6 Liquor License is that in addition to it allowing you to sell and serve alcohol to your customers for them to consume at your establishment, it also allows you to sell alcohol to-go to your customers so long as you follow the below requirements:

  1. You must sell the alcohol to-go within the primary area of your establishment (e.g. from the bar itself) and cannot have a separate “store” within your bar where you sell liquor to-go. More specifically, you can’t have a separate entrance and exit to the area in your bar specifically designated to selling alcohol to-go.
  2. You can deliver alcohol to customers off premises so long as they pay for it before or at the time of delivery.
  3. The total amount of money you receive from to-go alcohol sales combined (including alcohol sold to-go from your establishment and alcohol delivered to customers off-premises) cannot exceed 30% of the amount of money you receive from alcohol sold to customers to consume at your establishment. For example, if you make $100.00 in on-sale alcohol sales then you are only permitted to sell $30.00 worth of alcohol for off-premises consumption.

We hope this information has helped to clear up any questions you may have had about the Arizona Series 6 Bar Liquor License! As a bar owner and/or manager, you will also be required to complete a Title-4 Alcohol Education Course and receive a Title-4 Certificate. Once you obtain your license, we welcome you to check out our Arizona DLLC Approved Online Title-4 Alcohol Server Training Course in order to meet Arizona DLLC requirements. Additionally, your bartenders and alcohol servers will need to complete a Title-4 Course in order to receive an Arizona Title 4 Alcohol Server Certificate and legally sell/serve alcohol at your bar.

Cheers, and best of luck in your endeavors!

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