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AACEA Washington: What Are Acceptable Forms of Identification For Alcohol Sales & Service In Washington State?

It is guaranteed that if you serve or sell alcohol in Washington State you’re going to find yourself checking a whole lotta IDs! This means you’re going to come across several different styles of IDs, but not all IDs are acceptable to use for alcohol transactions.

The first step you’ll need to take when a customer hands you their ID is to make sure it is considered an acceptable form of identification per the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) for confirming someone’s age. This is important, because if you accept and check an unacceptable form of ID for someone and then serve or sell them alcohol you can get in BIG trouble! Especially if you find out that person deceived you and was not actually 21 or older!

Below is a list of the WSLCB approved forms of identification that are considered acceptable for the purpose of selling, serving, or purchasing alcohol in Washington State:

  1. U.S. Driver’s License
  2. U.S. Instruction Permit
  3. U.S. ID Card
  4. Canadian Province Driver’s License
  5. Canadian Province Instruction Permit
  6. Canadian Province ID Card
  7. U.S. Armed Forces ID Card
  8. Merchant Marine I.D. Card
  9. Official Passport or Passport Card
  10. Washington State Tribal Enrollment Card

It is important to note that in order for one of the above IDs to be considered acceptable or valid, it must clearly show the ID holder’s date of birth, signature (except for the military ID which has an encrypted signature that is not visible), photograph, and an expiration date that is not expired. It is also important to note that if there is a hole punched through any of these four things the ID is no longer considered valid and the customer will need to provide another form of identification before they can be served or sold alcohol.

There are also a couple unacceptable forms of identification we would like to note:

  1. Alien Registration/Green Card
  2. Department of Correction Release Card

It is incredibly important to ensure that every ID you check is considered an acceptable form of identification before selling or serving alcohol in order to protect yourself and your establishment from legal issues! Once you confirm an ID is acceptable, the next hurdle is to thoroughly check the ID and confirm it is not a fake ID, which we will cover in another blog post!

If you serve alcohol in Washington State and need to complete a Washington MAST Permit Course so you can get a Washington Alcohol Server Permit (MAST Permit), we welcome you to check out our online WSLCB approved MAST Permit Course whenever and wherever is most convenient for you!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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