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AACEA Texas: TABC Alcohol Seller Server Certification – Can My Certificate Be Revoked?

If you have already taken your Alcohol Seller Server training course and received your TABC Certification from AACEA, you may want to know how your certification can be revoked. Ideally, we would like to prevent this from happening to you so we have provided you with a few preventative measures below!

Preventative Measure 1: Don’t sell or serve alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person! If you do, you’ll not only have to deal with criminal charges and complaints being held against you, but you’ll also face consequences related to your TABC Certification:

  • First Offense: You will have to take the course and exam over again to become recertified within the first 30 days of the offense, otherwise your certificate will be revoked.
  • Second Offense: If you receive a second violation within 12 months your certification will be revoked and you will not be able to get recertified for 90 days after the offense. Once the 90 days are up you will be required to retake the course and exam again.
  • Thirst Offense: If you receive a third violation within 12 months your certification will be revoked and you will be unable to get recertified for 12 months.

Preventative Measure 2: Do not provide false information!

  • The TABC will revoke your Seller Server Certificate if they find out you provided false information when signing up for the TABC Certification course.

Preventative Measure 3: Pass the final exam

  • The TABC will revoke your TABC Certification if you do not pass the final exam, which doesn’t entirely make sense since you would not have a Seller Server Certificate unless you passed the exam, but regardless – it is required that you successfully pass the final exam in order to be certified. If the TABC finds out you were able to get a certificate without completing the final exam your TABC Certification will be revoked!

There you have it! Three simple preventative measures that can be taken to keep your Seller Server Certificate from being revoked.

If you still need to get your TABC Certification, we welcome you to take our online course whenever and wherever is most convenient for you!

Happy Training!

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