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AACEA Oregon: OLCC Oregon Alcohol Laws & Minors – What Can Minor Employees Do?

If you’re in the service industry or are planning to join the service industry in Oregon, you may be curious to know what minor employees can and can’t do when it comes to alcohol sales and service. If you’re not curious, but need to get an OLCC Permit for your job, you are welcome to do that too!

Before we get started, we’d like to define a couple terms for the purposes of this post:

1) The term “minor” is used to describe anyone between the ages of 18-21

2) The term “on Premises Location” is a location where alcohol is served or sold to be consumed at the establishment (think bars and restaurants).

Okay, let’s begin by going over what minor employees who have an OLCC Permit can and can’t do while working at an “on Premises Location”:

In an area that is open to minors (e.g. a dining area or hotel lobby), a minor employee can:

  • Take orders and serve alcohol
  • Pour wine or beer to patrons at their tables
  • Draw alcohol from the tap

In an area that is prohibited to minors (e.g. a bar or lounge), a minor employee can:

  • Order and pick up drinks to serve customers who are in the non-prohibited areas
  • Restock supplies
  • Set and clear tables
  • Deliver food

In an area that is prohibited to minors (e.g. a bar or lounge), a minor employee can NOT:

  • Take food orders
  • Serve alcohol
  • Function solely as a bartender or cocktail server
  • Mix drinks

We also want to note that it is prohibited for any employee who is under the age of 18 to enter an area that is prohibited to minors! No exceptions!

We hope this helped to break down the alcohol-related tasks that a minor employee can and can’t do while working at an On Premises Location. All employees who are 18 years of age or older and who will be involved in alcohol transactions at on Premises Locations (whether it be bartending, serving, or selling alcohol) are required to have an OLCC Permit, also known as a Service Permit.

If you need to get an OLCC Permit, we welcome you to sign up for our Online OLCC Permit Course wherever and whenever is most convenient for you!

Happy Training!

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