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AACEA Louisiana: Responsible Vendor Online Class Sneak Peek - What You Will Learn

AACEA is happy to provide our Louisiana Responsible Vendor Online Class for Alcohol and Tobacco Sellers and Servers in the state of Louisiana!

If you’ve stumbled upon this page you are likely already aware that it is a requirement to complete an ATC approved Responsible Vendor course within 45 days of being hired as an employee who sells and/or serves alcohol and/or tobacco in Louisiana State in order to receive a Responsible Vendor Permit.

Before you get started, you may be wondering what our Louisiana Responsible Vendor Online Class is all about and what you will be learning. We welcome you to take a look at the below sneak peek if you would like to be mentally prepared before you begin the course!

AACEA Louisiana Responsible Vendor Course Outline – What you will learn:

1) An Overview and History of the Louisiana Responsible Vendor Program

  • When the Responsible Vendor Program was enacted
  • Who is required to have a Responsible Vendor Permit
  • General Responsible Vendor Permit information
  • Objectives of Responsible Vendor Program
  • Your obligations as a server

2) Alcohol & Tobacco Education

  • Alcohol’s effect on the body
  • How alcohol travels throughout the body
  • Alcohol’s effect on a person’s ability to drive a car
  • Alcohol’s effect on a person’s behavior, self-control, and judgement
  • Louisiana’s drinking and driving laws and penalties for violations
  • Effects of mixing alcohol with drugs and other intoxicants
  • The absorption rate of alcohol
  • Health risks of tobacco use
  • Tobacco addiction problems
  • Tobacco’s effects on athletic performance and personal appearance

3) Methods for Identifying and Dealing with Underage and Intoxicated Customers

  • Strategies for delaying and denying sales and service
  • Strategies for detecting false identification
  • Strategies for denying entry to an underage or intoxicated customer
  • Strategies for identifying intoxicated customers
  • Strategies for preventing over intoxication
  • Strategies for terminating service

4) Louisiana Alcohol Sales and Service Laws, Regulations, and Violation Penalties

  • Sales and service of alcoholic beverages for consumption on or off premises
  • Legal forms of identification
  • Legal age to purchase, possess, and consume alcohol
  • Legal age to enter a licenses premises
  • Legal age to be employed by a vendor
  • Acts prohibited on licenses premises
  • Legal hours of operation and Sunday sales
  • Sign posting requirements

5) Louisiana Tobacco Sales and Service Laws, Regulations, and Violation Penalties

  • Legal purchasing age
  • Age verification requirements
  • Vending machines
  • Sign posting requirements
  • Guidelines for preventing tobacco use and addiction

We hope this outline helped to answer any questions you may have regarding what you will be learning in our course.

If you’re ready to get started, we welcome you to sign up for our AACEA Louisiana Responsible Vendor Online Class whenever is most convenient for you!

Happy training!

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