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AACEA Louisiana: Liquor Permit Requirements – Which Alcohol Permit Do I Need To Get For My Business?

If you are planning to open up a restaurant or bar in Louisiana State, you may want to learn about Louisiana Alcohol Laws and requirements in order to keep yourself out of trouble! One way to do this is to complete a Louisiana ATC approved LA Responsible Vendor Course – which is required for all employees who interact with customers who purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.

If you are curious about what type of Liquor Permit you’re going to need for your establishment, we have provided some helpful information for you below:

If you will be opening/managing a restaurant, you will probably need a Class AR (Restaurant) Permit, and will need to fulfill the below requirements:

  • Your establishment’s primary function must be to take food orders and serve food, though alcohol can be served in combination with food
  • More than 50% of your establishment’s total average monthly revenue must come from a combination of food and nonalcoholic beverages
  • Your establishment must serve food at all times while in operation
  • Your establishment must maintain separate sales figures for alcohol beverages
  • Your establishment must operate a fully equipped kitchen
  • Your establishment must have a public habitable floor area of no less than 500 square feet

If you will be opening/managing a bar, you will probably need a Class AG (Bar) Permit, and will need to fulfill the below requirements:

  • Your establishment’s primary function must be to sell alcoholic beverages to be consumed at your establishment by customers
  • Your establishment must be equipped with a permanent wet bar that includes a non-movable sink and a back-bar for public display which informs customers of brands and flavors offered for sale
  • Your establishment must have a bartender staffed whose primary duty is to open and/or prepare alcoholic beverages for customers to consume at the establishment, or prepared with an appropriate cover for take-out service
  • Your establishment must be able to accommodate a minimum of 25 customers within a habitable floor space that is no less than 375 square feet
  • Your establishment must comply with the Department of Health’s guidelines for the required number of public restrooms held in your establishment and restroom locations

There you have it! We hope this helped you to better understand your eligibility for getting a Class AR or Class AG Louisiana Liquor License!

If you have employees who need to receive a Responsible Vendor Permit, we welcome them to check out our Online Louisiana Responsible Vendor Course so they can receive their RV Permit!

Cheers, and Happy Training!

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